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Home Boarding Seremban

Some animals don’t do well with standard boarding, especially when the said boarding facilities are attached to a veterinary office. While it’s good to have access to a veterinary doctor, not all pets are comfortable with the setting. It could be the sound, or it could be the smell of medication in the air that would leave them uneasy. And because of this, they could become agitated and worse, sick from their experience.

If you have more than one pet, it could be even more complicated to go with standard boarding as well. There’s the question of whether a standard boarding will be able to accommodate or it’ll be okay for your pets to be together. You’ll likely wonder whether they have a large enough space even to place your animal friends in the same area. It’s a common concern because when you have multiple pets, they do have their close friend they want to be with all the time and their arch-nemesis.

So, why not choose another option?

What would that be?

Home boarding, of course.

With home boarding, you can breathe easy knowing they can stick with their friend. There’ll be no hospital or clinic sounds that your pet might hate. The kind of sounds that we as humans can’t hear but they can. Just imagine it, we get annoyed whenever we have to stay in a hospital, why wouldn’t they too?

They would also be able to roam around comfortable in their allotted rooms. And if you require it, our staff will take them out for some fresh air in a secured 3-tier cage for their safety or a walk for dogs.

For cats, we’ll also make sure that they’ll have a fresh cat litter and won’t have to share. They’ll be comfortable sharing with two to three of their friends as we only allow a maximum of three to four cats per room. It is to ensure that they’ll be with the ones they get along with and lower the risk of them fighting with each other.

What if you only have one pet and still wants to go with home boarding?

You still can. Your pet can get along with other lone pets we have at our location. Maybe they’ll even make new friends during their stay and enjoy meeting them as well. That way, they’ll have company while you’re away. It’d be a fun way for them to explore another side of them that they might not have in their home when they’re the only one there.

Why not?

If you’ve been looking for “Home Boarding Seremban” for a while, consider contacting us for more information.

And why not let us take care of your furry family member for a while and put your mind at ease.

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