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Luxury Cat Hotel Seremban

When you think of hotels, for humans at least, there’s a lot of choices that would pop at the top of your head. From the simple one-star hotel to the opulent and striking higher-end hotel, there’s something for everyone. The question is whether there are similar or to a much lesser degree option for animals.

The good news is, there are. With more and more demand for different types of accommodations for their pets, many have taken up on the challenge. Though, it’s mostly in the bigger city area where this is common.

What if you live elsewhere?

There’s good news for those living in Seremban, at least. If you’re a cat parent and wanted to give them a different experience, you can find our “Luxury Cat Hotel Seremban.” Don’t worry, though you might’ve only recently discovered us, we’re not new in the business. Pishorina Pet House opened its door back in 2018 because of our love for our pets. They brought us so much joy, and we wanted to do more for them. Throughout this, we realise that leaving them behind even for a short trip is hard. And we wanted nothing but the best. So, we decided to create something we expect ourselves when looking for board our cats at a cat hotel.

We design our hotels to be a home away from home with something a little extra. There are currently two locations in operation, and we fully equipped both of them. We also make sure our staff is well-trained and animal lovers themselves – the later is important to us because we know what it feels like trusting your furry family member with another person.

Considering that what we’re offering is a luxurious gateway for your pet, we’ve made sure that their comfort and safety are our priorities. Due to that, we put a limit on how many cats we allow for boarding at a time. We also limit the number allowed in each room. It’s to ensure they have a lot of space to run around and not feel cramped.

And yes, we’ve heard the horror stories about recycling cat litters on top of cramped space. You don’t have to worry about the cat litter either. At Pishorina Pet House, we absolutely will not allow recycling of cat litters. It’s mainly due to health reasons as well as making sure if there’s a particular cat, they won’t feel as if they’re not welcome at our place.

With luxury comes option as well. If you’re looking for anything extra to treat your cat, we have several optional add-ons you can choose, from tick and flea spray to our “Let’s Get Fresh Spa Wash & Blow” package we have before checking out. Get the best for your cat and give them all that you want to give.

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