Temporary Cat Boarding Seremban

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Temporary Cat Boarding Seremban

You might have all these plans, and you’ve thought about bringing your cat along. Why not? It’s only a couple of days, and you’d be driving there anyway. It sounds like a perfect plan at the beginning, but here are a few things that you might not know; cats are not generally a great travel companion and aren’t too happy of things diverging from their routine.

Sure, several Instagram famous cats travel the world. There was one that sat in a backpack. One that stayed on their leash as they explore and the other that’s happy being outside. Seeing those little furballs makes you dream of going off somewhere with your companion. It looks like a beautiful adventure you can share with them.

That’s just it though, what those cats you see all over the internet are doing are mainly their routine. And like humans, all cats are unique and prefer their set of activities. If your cat had never left the house before, it wouldn’t be too strange to consider that they might not like it outside. Or hate it. To them, it won’t matter what you want to show them, all they know is that you’re not feeding them like you’re supposed to three hours ago.

And a cat would find a way to show you their displeasure.

So, what can you do?

You could consider sending them to a boarding facility. It could be the one attached to a pet shop or a veterinary office. Though, not all cats would be comfortable with the coming and going of either place.

If such a thing happens, you still have another option you can consider. And if you’re in Seremban or its neighbouring town, you can try our “Temporary Cat Boarding Seremban” where your cat would find the comfort of a home away from home.

At Pishorina Pet House, trust that we’ll care for your cats as if they’re our own. And if you’re worried about them not getting along with other cats, you can choose from either option we have at the moment. Whether it’s standard or exclusive home boarding, you can decide what’s best for your cat (or cats) for the duration of their stay.

We also aim to give the best service, and as such we’ve made sure our staff are well-trained. So, you can rest easy knowing that your cat will be in safe hands. Enjoy your trip and come back to see your cat well-cared for and happy.

Take a chance on us. Call in and have a chat to find out more.

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